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Dainan Smith PART 1/2 Empty Dainan Smith PART 1/2

Post  nabuca on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:17 pm

Human Name : Dainan Smith
Country/City/State/Province representing: Sydney (As in, Sydney City, Kings Cross, Darling Harbour and Darlinghurst)
human age: 24
gender: Male
sexual orientation: Bisexual
birthday/zodiac: January 26, Aquarius
Carnival alliance: Mystique
Special Skills or Talents: Well being a conjoined twin is talent and skill thank you very much!
Role in Carnival and how it relates to the history of your character: Asides being a conjoined twin, Dainan is very flexible with his brother with Aboriginal dances and although it may be much harder to work with two bodies, they display strong spirits and a tough endeavor that one could be amazed by their fluid "grace". This is probably due to much of the Aboriginals displaying much of their culture in Sydney where ever they performe or practice. On the sidelines Dainan cooks awfullly well due to the fact that Australian cuisine is PERFECTLY DELICIOUS IN SYDNEY AND ANYWHERE ELSE IN AUSTRALIA IS A LIE. On a serious note, the regions laid out in the Sydney of my choosing has much resturants and taste.

Appearance (please include a short detailed paragraph or picture): On the way once Lala draws Dainan's twin. He looks quite fashionable though.

Special personal items: A BIG FAT GAGABOW ON HIS HEAD :I


AU Background history*
Dainan, being the vain strucked person he just wanted to be able to have fun with his their wonderful body thrusted upon the norm society and the strange but hypnotic native dance of Australia. He doesn't naturally care for his brother, but constantly makes sure both of them keep strong and beautiful the way they are. PERFECT.
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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Dainan Smith PART 1/2 Empty Re: Dainan Smith PART 1/2

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