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Post  MOSSAD TRAINED SHARK on Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:14 pm

Human Name : Auguste Yves-Marie de Bourbon
Country/City/State/Province representing: Versailles, France
Human age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday/zodiac: September 5th, Virgo
Carnival alliance: Carnival Mystique
Special Skills or Talents: ...His money and charm?

Role in Carnival and how it relates to the history of your character: Overseer. Versailles became the center of France very quickly, he's a charismatic guy who likes to take charge. He's not necessarily a ringleader, but he does look over the Carnival/boss them around for his Uncle, replacing the absent ringleader. Similar to how Louis XIV established Versailles as the center of France to concentrate France's nobility into one place, in order to keep control of them.

Appearance: Auguste is a very handsome guy, with dark brown and always perfectly in place hair. His eyes are blue, and fit well his so perfectly sculpted face. He dresses his best, and has a very sharp sense of fashion. He's tall and has a pretty fit body. IDK, will make a picture maybe?

Special personal items: He doesn't really have one personal item. He likes to wear nice clothing.

Anything Else: He can not tolerate the freaks, and lesser people terrify him for some reason. (He isn't sure why)

Au Background history*Auguste was the younger/middle/forgotten about illegitimate child from a pretty promiscuous rake-type man (though he was pretty affluent). He was largely left alone as a boy. However, sometime in his late teenage years a rich and very charismatic Uncle adopted Auguste. He charmed that boy up and made him pretty, and Auguste got pretty pompous. Auguste always remembers the man as the one who shaped his life. Auguste with his new family kind of screwed his old family over. So then Auguste's old family got revenge, Auguste remembers being at the worst point of his life, after the loss of his old family. He really doesn't remember the specifics, though. Eventually he did get better, but it took some time, and Auguste is secretly still a little emotionally fragile from it.
Now Auguste was sent here by his family to manage finances, so they don't get any further in debt.

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