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Post  harlequin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:22 am

Scarlet blood diluted by the water of her tank clouded the stage hands view of her before feeding time. Shouting promptly proceeded as they pulled her from her tank by her arms and carried her fireman style to the relatively unused medical bay. That man in particular had screamed like a little girl when she coughed a good amount of blood on the back of his jacket. Eleri had to bite back her laughter in order for her plan to go flawlessly. And sure enough all went according to plan when they laid her down on one of the medical beds while they searched for the neglectful doctor. Springing in to action the welsh girl wrapped the sheets of the bed around her and formed a shawl like dress with a makeshift hood. Afterwards, she hobbled over to a empty wheel chair and simply rolled her self out the side door and towards the gate exit. Slipping by a family so she would be mistaken as a sickly relative she made it thorough the exit and into the dust with nothing but a wheel chair, so bed sheets, and a few dozen coins people had thrown in her tank for good luck stashed away in the hem of her costume robes.

She had her reasons for escaping of course, in fact this was planned in detail since last year, on this exact same date of March 1st . It was her birthday and she wanted to celebrate accordingly. Of course it couldn't be celebrated properly in this place, it should be in her home of Cardiff Castle sitting in the lap of luxury while celebrating Saint David's day which fell on the same date.(Which she always found a little non-coincidental but didn't know why). But she would make due with anything at this point in time, even visiting the rival circus before she'd cart herself back into town where the stagehands would be looking for her. (not many would expect her to escape from a circus and hide in another one)

She had paid for her ticket, with about a little over half of her coins and spent the rest on sugary snacks she bought from the confection stand. Everyone was kind and cheerful and Eleri found she was enjoying herself immensely. If only she could've joined this circus she mused jovially but this stigma would always set her apart. At least at Mystique she had some semblance of comrades who she could relate to one way or the other. Suddenly without noticing it beforehand her legs began to prickle, indicating she was trying to sweat. It wouldn't be long before she had to go back in order to re-hydrate her skin, but she just wanted to stay a few hours longer to see the show. Spotting a cool shaded area she rolled herself over to a side of a caravan, noshing on a baked pastry carefully avoiding the freshly made cuts on her tongue. (She needed to produce the blood somehow) Waiting patiently for the show to begin, humming all the while.

((FUUU-- I didn't want to run anyone over so Caravans it is. Also if you google a pic of Cardiff Castle you would know that it just amazingly decedent. The Arab room ceiling a wonderful example. It was re-modeled around this time too so completely canon B). ))

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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