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Opening Week Empty Opening Week

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:09 pm

Alright so now since most of us has settled in (if you have new characters don't worry)

1. Warfare part 2 -
This week is the town's founding and a celebration is being held, The mayor of the town has invited both circuses to preform. Both circuses are attending for, Mistiques high prices have been waved by the managements decision in order to avoid taxes for the year however they still charge for the mains acts. And ragtags is waving ticket fees in hopes that they buy more from the concessions stands their big ticket items. However due to oversight both circuses were moved with a few yards of each other. Neither one wanting to lose the other, have organised acts to rotate between admissions and the stage grounds in order to attract more customers. Tension is rising and everyone is trying to one up the other.

Since the circuses do move I will give everyone 3-4 weeks (more if needed, pm and I'll extend the deadline) to wrap up their threads. At which time there will be a months time skip before both circuses meet again, and a new area will be added to the forum indicating they are in a town.

Any suggestions on this subject are welcome

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Opening Week Empty Re: Opening Week

Post  harlequin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:21 pm

actually disregard the performance counting the new town will advance the plot instead, it's a much cleaner system

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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