Double the trouble [Sydney/Open]

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Double the trouble [Sydney/Open] Empty Double the trouble [Sydney/Open]

Post  harlequin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:09 pm

It was the late afternoon by the time the Mistique circus had finished setting up, Dainan and Jack were given the first shift to attract customers by the gate. And while Dainan was ecstatic, Jack was comparatively less so, he lagged behind Dainan dressed in the traditional lion cloth and smothered in white paints. It wasn't their traditional choice of paint however Mistique thought it well enough. His twin had complained about it constantly though, he was the type of person who wanted to make sure every part of his performance was authentic, Jack on the other hand couldn't give two shits even if you paid him.

They were outside the gate now, each twin carrying two matching sticks in their inside pair of arms (the ones always facing each other) and kept their outside arms free so they could use them to express their dancing. It was a delicate system they had made, they acted as two whole people yet danced as one. Their conjoined third leg was lifted behind them and their outer pair of legs inched fourth. Jack always wondered if he was mirroring Dainan or if Dainan was just controlling him to do so.

Their outer pair of arms were pushing and pulling at each other always doing the opposite motion to maintain the thought that they were two people working separately. While their inner pair of arms were in perfect harmony, clanking their wooden instrument together making rhythm to go with their steps. Orange dust clung to their bare legs like a second skin blending them in with the earth and creating the illusion of mirage movements. The conjoined twins began to chant like echoes transcending the winds of the harsh desert. Truly their display was mystifying to those watching them.

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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