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Just Can't Wait [Jeddah/Open] Empty Just Can't Wait [Jeddah/Open]

Post  Dellusionaria on Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:50 am

"Hey, moron! Get off the roof or you'll fall!"

Khalil wasn't listening to the driver's exclamations. Looking around him, the young Arab was filled with zest at what he saw; trees even taller and greener than his date trees, flowers he once thought to be alien or myth, and the sky.......It was filled with clouds, something he didn't see often back in the desert---not even in his seaside home. And the people. The people were all so different wherever the caravan took them.

It was the fifth day since he joined the Ragtags in their circus. He was standing, with surprising balance due to his excitement, on the roof of the caravan the other men were sleeping in. Apparently, the circus of theirs was going to the upcoming city not only to exchange goods and alike in the market, but also for their next show.

And that meant Khalil was going to do hie very first performance infront of te audience. He'd been practicing is flaming sword and some magic tricks the prevous days now and couldn't wait to actually try them infront of a live audience.

"Oh, look! It's the circus! Look, look, the circus is b----Hey! It's Aladdin!"

As he turned, he heard the children who were running with the caravan call him 'Aladdin'. He smiled and groaned at the same time, knowing that Aladdin was supposed to be Chinese in the stories. Using his mouth like a cone, he shouted back to the kids in a Manchester accent.

"Aladdin's Chinese, you little rascals! Try Ali Baba in the Forty Thieves story!"

A rock fell to his feet, and he know immediately that it was the driver again.

"Well, I'M gonna be the guy to KILL you if you don't get off the stinkin' roof so the kids could stop trying to follow us!" AS Khalil turned, he saw that the man held an irritated expression and was shaking his fist.

Not a chance....., he thought with a smirk.
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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