The tale of the twin towns

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The tale of the twin towns Empty The tale of the twin towns

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:53 pm

(Due to lack of activity over the last couple days I've decided to post a New-Event and progression of the plot)

1. New Area unlocked

While the opening week was successful, your circuses still have a long way to go before becoming the best. The next town you will be moving to is a small mountainous valley town, although it seems insignificant the town has a rich history with carnivals. It's greatest achievement was being the hometown of the original ringleader. Every year the town throws a festival inviting carnivals around the world to attend. The town's Mayor a sickly old man knew the ringleader intimately as they were best friends. He could be your connection to the first clue to the hat however he is a very busy man and his two aids will not let you see him. You find it very strange on how they manage to block all your attempts to see him. And before they kicked you out of their office, they introduce you to a guide that will show around town.

They explain that the circular pattern in buildings is a homage to a circus tent after the original fort design of the town had been destroyed. The straight roads leading directly to the top tier of the town represent the straight lines of the circus tent. To detract flash flooding events and to better resemble a circus the center of the town has been elevated. The rain rolls down to the trenches where a beautiful moat like lake is, and where the town's population of fish reside. However the beautiful colors of the fish can not detract from the brilliant scarlet and eggshell paint of the buildings. The guides then direct you to the circuses to the beautiful fields outside of the towns.

However as your enjoying this serene naturalistic environment, it dawns on you to ask why is this town not as desolate as the rest. Everything is seemingly perfect which is sharp contrast to the towns the circuses have previously visited. Beneath the surface something sinister is taking place.

(( This area is meant to be around for a while (a month or two) and this information will not become apparent at first.))

2. Fight for the ringleader part 1 ((of many more parts don't worry I'm not rushing anything))

The ringleader of each circuses has been asked to attended the opening ceremonies of the festival.
A temporary ringleader is expected to hold his place ((sorry for adding this so late my phone has a character limit issue))


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