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Post  harlequin on Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:02 pm

Dark green film lined her tank, almost becoming a second barrier between her and the outside world. The normally prisitine water was murky and one could swear they saw something move at the bottom. It was safe to say no one would want to swim in here much less live but Eleri seemed perfectly content fashioning algae into various things. In fact she was now sporting a very fine algae beard and a matching mustache. The young welsh girl stroked her beard in thought, her mind struggling to remember her life before the circus. It just distant to her now like she had forgotten large chunks that everyone else seemed to have recollection of. Of course she remembered the big things like her brother whom she hated, her parents who she didn't hate as much as she would like to claim and that man.........the one wearing the white mask.

In retrospection she found him to be handsome, although the only visible part of him was his mouth quirked in a radiant smile. For forever and a day she thought him to be such a ugly vengeful man for placing this curse upon her. However he was beautiful almost in a spiteful way, and it irked her how much beautiful people had such control over her life. It twisted her heart to know that on a whim one could kill her instantly and rip her life apart limb by limb. To live with this every day knowing that she herself was once normal perhaps.... even pretty in a certain light was truly the biggest curse of all. Subconsciously it made her want to forget everything before this circus. This circus in particular maimed the idea that she could one day be normal and that evil thing called hope would leave her eventually so she could enjoy this depressing life to it's fullest. As she finished her quandary for her memories, she started blowing algae bubbles at passing by workers who turned away there heads in disgust.

That's what happens to water that can't move it stagnates

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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