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Post  ArtingStarvist on Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:11 am

The marketplace was colorful and filled with the sounds of people talking and bargaining and looking at goods. One lone figure sat along the side, watching the scene curiously. Xue was not one to enjoy loud, manic areas, but she found herself drawn to this part of town, as if pulled by an invisible rope. Slowly, she lifted a small vial to her lips, taking a sip of laudanum, a few drops, to help ease the throbbing in her poor feet. So much walking, through this place, she was not sure how she could do it again. She closed her eyes, feeling the warm feeling of the opium spread through her veins, trickle all the way down to her toes. Euphoria followed, making her head spin and sway. She smiled, opening her eyes slightly so the lids hung halfway and heavy over her pupils.

She was tired, now, as she always was after taking her daily doses of the drug, but it was a pleasant, warm tiredness. She languidly watched other people dash about like little ants, moving along with their busy lives as they tried to get their hearts' desires through shouting and bargaining. Her sleepy smile returned. How interesting Westerners were. She stayed there on the cusp of sleep until the second stage of her dosage kicked in. Her mouth was dry and she felt restless, shifting her weight back and forth, scratching at her arms and neck. With a small sound, she slid onto her feet, shuffling to find a glass of water.

She pushed through large crowds she could not see over, the much larger Westerners barely noticing her down there by their feet. Her tiny, careful steps carried her slowly, but when was she ever in a rush? Xue found her way to a spiggut, cupping her hands and drinking down the cool water. It didn't help much, but she drank until she felt satisfied and moved back to where she was sitting, being pushed and pulled along with the people, like a cork bobbing in the water. Her body thanked her when she finally sat, tiny shoes pointing outwards as if taking breaths of fresh air they could not receive under her long skirts. She retrieved the vial again. One more drop. More euphoria.

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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