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Yon Hee looked towards the sky, basket in hand. Today was a nice day, clouds occasionally straking the blue sky. She took a deep breath, lifted her hanbok up and ran until she was knee-deep in the freezing water.

She cursed under her breath, then put her basket on her head. She attempted to tie the dress higher up, so it wouldn't get wet. Eventually she gave up and let the cotton dress float on the water.

A sigh passed through her lips. Lately, she had been having these strange dreams. Some of hope and happy days, then fires and betrayal. She had pondered the cause of these dreams for a while now and she believed it was due to spirit sickness. Hopefully thses water plants could, at the very least, ease her strange dreams. These dreams brought about a feeling of deja vu and nostalgia, yet she was sure that none of these events ever happened to her. But something was bothering her. These dreams... They were-

No. She shook her head. These thoughts were distracting her from her plant collecting. Even if the dreams were bothering her, she was here to find plants that she recognised and use them to help herself (and possibly sell them for profit). She bent over, picking plants that were familiar and others that seemed innocent enough.

...What she would do for a bit of company.

(( I: I'm so lame and I need to be a bit more active here and I wanted to do stuff with the lake and asdfghjk- Excuse my fail topic.))

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