Plots and Subplots

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Plots and Subplots

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The main plot is the two carnivals are both after one thing, power over the other. To do this they must obtain a hat, not just any hat but a top hat said to contain the soul of the greatest ring leader ever to have existed. However at the beginning of the story neither circus has a ring leader, the Circus Mistique having died of an unexplainable illness, the ragtag's having been framed for kidnapping and smuggling and executed. While they may be warring the fine circus folk wish to still proceed with their lives' and live happy ones. So they are sometimes willing to let go of minor altercations, however they share a deeper hatred of each other as a whole.

Each circus must put on five shows before they can elect a successful ringleader, if a ringleader is elected they can move on to the next stage. Which is a quest for the hat and the ultimate transcending power, while is a circus may possess the hat and a ringleader they are not completely immune nor perfect only their powers and talents amplified. If they are able to defeat the other carnival in the other show-down then their at the ringleaders mercy, if the ringleader has compassion or mercy he has a number of choices in which a happy ending can occur, if he does not a tragic ending will take it's place.

you do not have to rush the storyline, this is just something to generally keep in mind while rping

The subplots are like bi-weekly random events that occur such as a circus tent catching fire, it again is just something to keep in mind while rping. It's also so everything seems more linear and interconnected if you all refer to the same events. Every Two weeks or a month I will post a new one


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