With the Greatest of Ease [Romani/Open]

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With the Greatest of Ease [Romani/Open]

Post  ArtingStarvist on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:51 pm

Here she was again. Alone in the empty tent, set up for the entertainment of hundreds and yet so.... desolate. It was like the place was a zombie, coming to life only when called upon by the sights and sounds and tastes and colors and feelings of the performers, the people. That was what she liked most about this place.

The people could make the abiotic colors and folds and crevices of this place breathe, although some seemed to suck the air out of the tent like a vacuum. For example, the French 'ringmaster'. Her eyes flashed and she moved deeper into the cave the tent created, as if spiting him. While she enjoyed causing him trouble, she was not so fond of having perfume dumped on her, nor the angry words and insults.

Without a word, she moved to the aerial silks, every motion fluid and with purpose. She liked the two long pieces of material, how they flowed down from the ceiling like twin waterfalls, how she could climb to the top and hang there, watching all below her.

She couldn't be touched, up there at the top. She was invincible. She grabbed the cloth, pulling down with all her might, and wrapped them around a foot, standing upon the knot. Exhaling, she pulled herself upward, unwrapping and re-wrapping her foot, continuing with the process until she had shimmied all the way to the hooks where the silks hung from.

The view was marvelous from here. She could see every seat, every eager face, every hand clenched in anticipation. Would she fall? How had she climbed two measly pieces of fabric so quickly? What sort of tricks would she do? How could she bend that way?

Nadya felt the corners of her mouth quirk upwards and opened her eyes. One day. One day she would be the star of the show, and they would be awed by what she could do. Until then...... Nadya unwrapped her foot, holding herself up as she fashioned herself a little perch in the fabric, wrapping the silks tightly around her feet and sitting back into a makeshift hammock, cross-legged and comfortable.

She scanned the tent again, content with her loneliness. She drew the material around her like a cocoon, breathing in deeply and closing her eyes. She could remain here until someone came to get her down. They wouldn't mind.

Author's note: First of all, I totally know how to do this and can write based on experience. Yay! Second of all, here is a picture of what she's doing, in case you would like a visual: http://www.aerialsilksatlanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/photo.jpg
Thank you. :3
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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