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Post  MOSSAD TRAINED SHARK on Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:47 pm

Human name: Bernard Oeggl
Country/City/State/Province representing: Tyrol (Austrian state)
Human age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday/zodiac: November 22, Sagittarius
Carnival alliance: Ragtags

Special skills or talents: He's very good at yodeling, and quite strong and outdoorsy.

Role in carnival and how it relates to the history of your character: He mostly just helps as a stagehand, as he doesn't have any other carnival like talents. He came in to help his little sister, Vienna, after she heard that she was distressed. Tyroleans are notably very friendly people, and even through a history of being lost and gained again by Austria, he is ultimately loyal to Austria, and with that their capital, Vienna. He also does some yodeling/dancing things with Bavaria, but tries to avoid that as much as possible. (Though the cultural similarities, Tyrol never wanted to be a part of Bavaria. :l)

Appearance: (Pic laterr) He always wears his Tiroler trachten, even when nobody else is wearing traditional clothing. He's a large man, very tall, broad and muscular, with the slightest beer belly. His hair is brown and a little wavy, he has a bit of a button nose, his eyes are big and green, and he always has a smile on his face. He's handsome, but he's a kind of goofy looking guy, which may ruin the whole 'handsome' thing.

Special personal items: He brought his traditional clothing with him, and also a little old worldy and interesting pipe with him, something that reminds him of home.

Anything else: Does not like Bavaria. :l

AU background history*

Bernard lived in relative peace for most of his life. He was born into some farm in the middle of the mountains, in a friendly village full of friendly people. He didn't really have any necessity to go to the carnival, since he wasn't a social outcast or destitute or anything. But he did receive news one day that his sister was in trouble. Nobody else was really doing anything, but he felt like it was a moral responsibility of his, as her brother, to help her. So he left to join the carnival.
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Bernard Oeggl [APP] Empty Re: Bernard Oeggl [APP]

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Accepted forever B)
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