Instrumental Themes

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Instrumental Themes

Post  nahn-SEK-wuh-tuhr on Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:24 pm

I love instrumental themes--they're hard to find, but all the more worth it when you do. B)

Ave Maria Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've linked/talked about this a thousand times, but... I think it's just perfect for Piter. :I (Btw, it's 'Vavilov', not 'Caccini'.)
June: Barcarolle (beginning to 1:43) Strike me dead if I ever mention Russian music and exclude Tchaikovsky. :I This is a particularly beautiful piece, imo--I imagine this is the type of thing Piter likes to play on his piano. XD

Polyuskho Pole (piano) I used this song in a comic for her, but w/e, I'M USING IT AGAIN. To me, this has always been a sad song.
Also, this is not an instrumental, but I couldn't help but include that I finally found the perfect song for Sonya: Zhuravli (Cranes) God, I cry so hard when I listen to this song. :( I don't think I need to mention again how many people died in the Soviet Union, and the history of Chernobyl, especially, is a history of death.

Gion Kouta (2nd file; couldn't find a Youtube video :\) This was actually written for Gion, so it's particularly fitting. XD
Becoming a Geisha I admit, I designed her character using this song for inspiration. I am not proud. :I /SHOT (It's a really beautiful song, imo /sob)

Anything with mukkuri in it. Seriously. XD Don't tell me you can resist smiling while listening to this. It's fitting for him, lmao XD

He's new, so this is all I've got. XD I was actually in Holland when I first started designing his character for the carnival, so I needed something for inspiration. And due to lack of WiFi, this was the only fitting bit of music I had, and it ended up sticking. XD
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Re: Instrumental Themes

Post  DIDNEY WORL on Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:50 pm

Gonna listen to all that after I get all these songs off of my tabs--

Franze: (Prepare for overload--)
Tchaikovsky-- Polonaise: Anythng with a waltz beat is really her, and this waltz sounds especially fit for the feeling of the city in certain time periods. Too bad I have to learn to play it and it was ruined forever in my mind :I XD
Strauss-- Kaiserwalzer: This was actually comissioned by Franz Josef I from strauss to give to Wilhelm I. You've probably heard it before XD I really love it.
Mozart-- Betracht Dies Herz und frage Mich (Consider this heart and ask me): (It has vocals but if they aren't in english to me it still counts as an instrument--) This is one of my favorite things to listen to. I think among all of the things I have up for her, this is the most fitting. It's both beautiful and sad, but there's some sort of unexplainable mask over it.


Dimitrie: I wish I cou;d remember some other piece that could make me think of all the horrible situations going on in moldova... but I don't really listen to much sad classical. So have this: (Paul Cantelon, "Odessa Medley") Just imagine him walking like Alex--
FOUND ANOTHER-- The way this song keeps changing it always makes me want to do some sort of montage displaying all of the ethnicities in moldova. It;s one of the most diverse countries in Europe, and most if not all of its peoples have cultures that have this feeling:

Ma Vlast: Vltava part 1; "The Moldau", Bedrich Smetana-- Still one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. And it's fitting to her (even though the Moldau is in prague, whatever--) this song goes through so many ups and downs... but always returns to it's main tune. ...Just like the history of Odessa. Usually either in total crisis or complete peace :I
"Odessa Medley" (not the same one XD)-- This music is so distinctly jewish-- before ww2, odessa could have been considered a Jewish city, judging by the other populations of the places around it. In fact, many israelis name their children after famous zionists (don't try this at home kids /shot) who were Odessans. Plus, like the other one, it's got her spirit. But it's near the end.

Cosim: /sob I wracked my brain, could not remember anything I knew of that sounded much like current him, so have a song for USSR!Cosim, uniform, and seemingly full of promise (everything i listen to contains harpsichord okay--) ("Sinfonia" by Telemann) I would have preferred a different part of the sinfonia, but apparently every youtube video of it is of 6th graders playing it. Whatever, it's an easy song, but it's gorgeous /sob

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