Since I draw nothing worth sharing, these days--

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Since I draw nothing worth sharing, these days--

Post  nahn-SEK-wuh-tuhr on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:58 pm

Lack of recent activity is directly proportional to busy school life. :\ However, for fun, I thought I'd share one of my littler hobbies: photography. I don't consider myself an expert (or even particularly good at it), but I do find it fun. <3 I don't have a real camera, though, so these were all taken with my phone. XD

Some of these are from my trip, some are from home:

Holland is just absolutely fabulous for taking photos--something about the lighting (no, it's not nearly this bright or colorful there, irl) makes the pictures come out really clear. By the by, this is Amsterdam and that is the river Amstel, which is the same color as Diederik's eyes: "dirt water". Lovely. /shot

Another one from Holland (specifically, Kinderdijk). I like this because it seems like the exact kind of stereotypically picturesque scene that you'd get in a movie, or something...except it was real.

You might wonder why I would include this seemingly unremarkable scene. This was our villa in 11p.m. Because we went during midsummer, the 'white nights' were insanely long in Sweden and Piter. XD

I love photographing flowers--and using mirrors, as seen in the bottom photo (I wanted to show off both angles of the hybrid flower).

These lizards are such a pain to capture; they move too quickly. :I

Same would go for these, except...this dragonfly was dead. I found it. :l It felt very wrong to handle it's dead body, but it ended up being worth it, to snap a shot with our Buddha. (More mirrors!)

The Church on Spilled Blood, in Saint Petersburg. As with many things in Saint Petersburg, words can not describe it. Every inch (and I mean LITERALLY every inch) of the massively monumental walls and ceiling are covered in mosaic tiles, not even two centimeters wide. The gold ones shimmered in the shadows in a way that I thought was very hauntingly beautiful.

No, I don't consider myself a hand model. Far from it. :l
I took this earlier today; it was just fun to conceptualize: 30's moon manicure (introduced to me by babby B) ), with some vintage-y stuff (grandmother's pearls, great-grandmother's hat pin, pocketwatch from Piter) that I wear. XD
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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