Of Course There's Such A Thing As Mermaids [ Elia / public ]

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Of Course There's Such A Thing As Mermaids [ Elia / public ]

Post  WITH YOUR MIIND on Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:27 pm

Elia gazed down into the murky water, wondering just what was inside. Fish, maybe? Or maybe something larger; something. . . Human sized.


Sure, most people wouldn’t have thought that there would be merpeople in this kind of water, maybe dead people, but no. If there were any people in there, they were certainly merpeople. Or corpses. . . But probably merpeople. Although the Dutchman had never actually seen one before, he couldn’t say that that meant they weren’t real. And besides, back home a lot of the canals were deep enough for him to wade through and that didn’t seem like an ideal place for mere people.

He stopped suddenly at catching movement in the water out of the corner of his eye and instantly drawing his attention to it. He stared, amazed for the moment and grabbing hold of his spade, intending to stick it into the water to see if whatever had moved would take hold of it. . . But then again.

He paused, sticking the shovel into the dirt beside him and leaning against it for a moment. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. After all, what if he annoyed it by accidentally poking it in the eye and it pulled him underwater? He was certain he couldn’t breathe underwater, so maybe he should be more cautious about this.

He shuffled a bit closer to the edge, putting his hands to his mouth.

“Hello?” He asked quietly scanning the lake carefully for some sort of response. Nothing.

“HELLO??” He shouted, watching several of what he assumed to be fish and/or merpeople and grinned, leaning close and over the edge to try and get a better view through the water to try and get a better view into the murky depths.

[[ It is more than a little likely that he will end up in the water-- /SHOT ]]
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