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Human Name : Citra Inda Batavaputi
Country/City/State/Province representing: Jakarta, Indonesia
human age: 23
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight
birthday/zodiac: who cares.
Carnival alliance: mystique
Special Skills or Talents: She's touted in the carnival as a Nyai Loro Kidul, a spirit-queen who is said to be able to steal the heart of anyone she chooses.  
Role in Carnival and how it relates to the history of your character:  The Nyai Loro Kidul is also said to have the bottom of a snake/fish.  Due to her supposedly mysterious and dangerous nature, she is a part of a game-- she's put in a car covered in things that hide her face. If the man (or whoever) is brave enough and "doesn't fear the monster", he can try to see her face.  Supposedly they will either have their hearts stolen, or, get a kiss.  Not many have braved it until the end.  
Appearance (please include a short detailed paragraph or picture): later, buh. Too complicated. in the meantime here's this:  dressed like the woman, except more was added to cover her face for the trick.
Special personal items: Her traditional/noble clothes, headdresses, sometimes she keeps mementos from men if they're exotic to her.
Anything Else: she's very fickle, but cannot politely say no easily. 

AU Background history:

She's from a noble family, and after meeting some people that did some traveling, decided she wanted to, too.  Unfortunately not many people know or recognize the Indonesian Sultanate outside of...Indonesia.  So she made do with the best treatment she was promised.  She doesn't mind it much. Or at least, doesn't say so. 

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You're circus folks now

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