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Human Name: Cornelius "Niels" van den Haag
(Everyone calls him Niels, which represents how 'Den Haag' is actually the short version of ''s-Gravenhage'. Even when it was first emerging as a city, 'Die Hage' was used over 'Des Graven Hage'.)
City Representing: The Hague (with a capital T), the Netherlands (with an inferior T)
Human Age: 35
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Citrasexual

Carnival Alliance: Mistique, through business
Special Skills or Talents: Lawyer. One of the best.
Role in Carnival and how it relates to the history of your character:
Niels is the first mate on Diederik's ship--and yet, as he frequently complains, he's the one who does "all the real work". He manages all of the paperwork, the maps, the finances, and the legal (or, more often than not, illegal) documents that allows them to do business. Basically, he ensures that they're not mere pirates that go around kidnapping and selling people; they have the 'license' to do so.

((No pic of him in the carnival, because he just wears a suit, with a heavy coat in cold weather. So here is him in non-AU, in his very trendy Dutch judge robes.))

Anything Else:
Niels has always been more 'stuffy' than his brothers; he doesn't care for edginess or excitement, and prefers not to partake in frivolous socializing. He does his job, he does it well, and he maintains an old-fashioned stateliness while doing so. (The Hague's and Hagenenzen's stereotypical image, especially compared to Amsterdam.) He is geographically close to Broos, though, and tends to get along with him better than most. 

Even though Diederik is the captain, and the eldest brother, it's Niels who tends to be the responsible one. Because of this, he overworks himself virtually all the time; he is practically married to his job. (Amsterdam is the capital despite it having NOTHING to do with the government, which has traditionally been seated in The Hague. In addition, The Hague is the home of so many international organizations and businesses, that it's totally ridiculous.)

...But if you were to ask him, he'd tell you that, no, he's only married to a certain Indonesian. If only in his dreams. (A nickname of The Hague is "the widow of Indonesia", because of it's history with the former colony.)

AU Background History:
Niels--unlike Diederik, who is a self-made man--grew up comfortably, thanks to old money. Nevertheless, he pursued a career in law, solely out of love for justice and hard work (if not necessarily physical--). Until the economic crisis, which was particularly disastrous in the Netherlands, his plan was to move up to being a judge. However, as circumstances changed, he instead focused on a different dream: relocating the woman he obsessed over loved all his life.

Unfortunately, said woman was a citizen of Indonesia, that he hadn't been in contact with for years. Because she doesn't return his 9,000+ calls. Having fewer resources than Diederik, and being less sociable than Broos, he knew he had a better chance if he tagged along with them, than if he tried to manage alone. (He is a wonder in a business/courtroom setting. Not so much in society.) 

He has had little luck thus far, loathes his job and working under his brother, but he nevertheless perseveres. Because gosh damn, he doesn't want any other woman.

((Too lazy to explain the reasoning behind his backstory. Just keep in mind that it's WILDLY SYMBOLIC.))
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