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Writing Exercise, GO GO GO!

Post  nahn-SEK-wuh-tuhr on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:49 pm

So, I've been thinking of doing this for a while, as a little exercise in physical descriptions. I noticed that, since we usually describe (or draw) character appearances in apps, they're generally not in narrative form. Also, there are little nuances in each character's features that I keep in mind while drawing them, but that I fear aren't always apparent. And I imagine I'm not the only one? XD

Anyways, let's hear it: what exactly does your character look like, in your mind? No pictures or links allowed; words only! B)


Like the city he called home, he appeared both aristocratically powerful and ruined, and was not pleasant to look at unless one enjoyed a wonderful cognitive dissonance.

He was a youth, surely no older than twenty-five or so, and yet he bore the look of someone who was everything but his true age. Gray streaked parts of his hair, making it frizz and wave slightly where it was once smooth and black. His eyes, large, similarly dark, and nearly Oriental in that particular Russian way, bore deep lines around them—as though they had sunken into his head at one point, and were now emerging again. Thin lips, always pressed into an unexpressive line, were set under a nose that couldn’t decide whether it was Roman or Grecian.
None who knew him had ever witnessed him shaving, yet he was perpetually smooth-faced. This, combined with a roundness in his cheeks, in what should have been a heart-shaped jaw, made for someone who was disconcertingly both child-like and aging.

At an even six feet in height, he was not as lengthy as the man he thought of as his father, but he was similarly slender. If there was an ounce of muscle on his body, he’d yet to use it. Perhaps only his fingers, often found fluttering over a keyboard or skimming the pages of a book, were ever exercised. But even those were thin and tapered, and delicate. The hands of someone who controlled with an iron fist without ever lifting a finger.

And yet, it could be sensed that he had a thin layer of, or maybe potential for, attractiveness, in an extraordinarily unconventional sense. (At least it could be said that he was never seen out of the house unless sharply dressed—preferably in a dark gray turtleneck and suit jacket.) What always invariably made him universally unpleasant, however, was that his eyebrows arched in a manner which suggested contempt for everyone and everything he was faced with. He was visibly cold.


Despite being five-feet-and-at-least-a-few inches, her timidity and mannerisms easily made her appear minuter, like a blonde mouse or goldfish. Everything about her seemed to exude the essence of “little and frightened”. Her eyes, a pale gray-blue and rimmed with short, blonde lashes, were perpetually wide with fear and uncertainty. And, more often than not, swimming with tears. She had a small mouth, often downturned, and a button nose. When she did smile, though, it was often accompanied by a pinkish blush—which was agreeable on a face framed with wavy, ash-blonde hair. It was generally left alone in its natural state, or put up into a simple bun.

She was a little homely, a little unpolished. While she would have never been labeled as elegant, or exotic, some might have found her endearing, nonetheless. She had a very full figure, particularly in the chest, and was a bit tad chubby, in a healthy sense. Overall, considering her demeanor, she came off as very sweet.

…When she wasn’t overwhelmingly distressed, in any case.


Didn't mention their names, because I figured that if it wasn't obvious who I was describing...I'm clearly doing something wrong. XD Will probably do more later, but in the meantime...HAVE AT IT.
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