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Human Name: Berezi Etxarte

Country/City/State/Province representing: Basque Country

human age: 28

gender: Female

sexual orientation: Straight

birthday/zodiac: October 25, Scorpio

Carnival alliance: Mystique

Special Skills or Talents: Unusually high strength and fantastic cooking skills.

Role in Carnival and how it relates to the history of your character: She serves as both the chef and the strong-woman for the show. Basques are actually slightly stronger than the average human, which geneticists discovered and link back to their cromagnon and such ancestry. She naturally is obsessed with cooking since food has been such a big deal for their culture, and is something she very much wishes to keep alive.

Appearance: Berezi Etxarte Berezi10

Special personal items: The flag of her home country, which she keeps locked away, and her txapella, which is also kept locked away.

Anything Else: She isn't as bothered by Spaniards or Frenchmen since it was only specifically the two as people now that bothered her. So, she shows no real ill will towards them and is fairly friendly (again, her only pet peeve is being called Spanish or French, but doesn't get that mad if someone confuses her for one since she mostly speaks Spanish or French). She also is fairly superstitious since her village had many traditional Basque religious views, and thusly the more she learned about modern magic, the more curious she was, so she picked up a few "curses" to throw at people that angered her.

AU Background history: Berezi lived without parents for the beginning half of her life in a small village in the mountains, but did fairly well for herself before being given resources and money from a rich man in turn for the girls help with getting to and fro the region she lived. Afterwards she moved in with two other children slightly younger than herself, and the three began to make a name for themselves. However, she fell behind the other two by taking care of them and ended up far less successful than the other two. Later she began to bicker with one of the two, and became on greatly ill terms to the point where they began to physically fight (It would be a form of abuse, if it weren't for the fact that she started them half the time and hit him back just has hard). After a week of fighting, she ran away, taking the few valuables she had with her, and joining up with the mystics.

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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