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The scent of food filled the air, warm and delicious. A show of various sauteed and cooked vegetables (but peppers were clearly visible as the majority), grilled steak and fish, and fresh thick cut bread was on the counter as the woman started to put together her pintxo's. Carefully and elaborately she started to put the first two ingredients on top of the bread, added a sauce to it, leaving the third as her main dish, and then pouring herself a glass of red wine.

Finally her food was done and made up to perfection, and thusly the woman could actually enjoy it. She yawned lightly since she'd already made dinner for everyone else, but she always made sure to make something special for herself. After she finished quickly washing up the dishes she needed to, the brunette headed back to her car to eat. She left the door open since she liked to watch what was going on outside, and hummed a bit.

Over all she didn't have much of a reason to talk to anyone, nothing was really happening other than work as far as she was concerned. It was just easier to stay acquaintances with the other workers. Besides, they were either obnoxious, whores, or one of the freaks. She sighed contently, starting to take a bite of the first starter and smiling to herself. If she could only do this every night it would be nice, normally she only got to make a single pintxo.

"For a place filled with crazy people this is so calm," She hummed contently. The woman hadn't joined the show too long ago, but so far her stay had been considerably pleasant.

You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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