Dusty Clothes (Amon/Ragtag)

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Dusty Clothes (Amon/Ragtag) Empty Dusty Clothes (Amon/Ragtag)

Post  Idiot Bunny on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:13 am

He didn't notice that damn rock untill it was too late.

His face, stuff sack (and his only food sack) were in the sand. Amon stood back up, spitting and brushing himself off. He looked around the general area, looking if anybody was coming by. Nope. He turned his attention back to his food.

"Ah! That's great! Fuckin' great!" He cursed in his native tongue and started to pick the scattered items up. "No food! Just water!" He paced in circles, grumbling in sync with his poor belly. "Ah suppose that a miracle will happen and some sap will deliver food from the sky." He paced even faster, furrowing his brows.

He stared at the dirty food for a long time. "...Can Ah still eat that? 'Course not! It's like dirt now! Can't eat that damned stuff. Buttt..." He complained and debated with himself until he saw something approaching.

(Lame Osaka intro is lame. :I I'm going to sleep soon, so don't expect replies until tomarrow. ^0^ )

"Ah! An illiusion! A... Whaddya call them, miyazaki or something... Ah, whatever." Amon held on tightly to his belongings, and started to run back, looking for an opening in the caravan. With all his strength, he started to run, jumped...

...And crashed feetfirst into the caravan.

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You're circus folks now

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