El Pájaro Negro [Romani/Open]

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El Pájaro Negro [Romani/Open] Empty El Pájaro Negro [Romani/Open]

Post  ArtingStarvist on Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:34 pm

Nadhezda screamed at the top of her lungs, balling her fists. It had happened again.

"Ay, tú eres una cigüeña que rozó la tierra!" She pointed an accusatory finger at the nearest town, as if throwing a curse at the tips of the roofs she could see over the hillside. At the people sleeping peacfully in their beds.

"Yo," she pounded a fist over her heart, shrieking, "Yo soy un pájaro negro caido en ella!" She had awoken in the warm sands of the desert,-The 'Dust', as they called it- to find that she had fallen off the caravan's roof while sleeping. She had received no notice of the carnival moving. She had been passed by, unawoken, uncared for. They had left her behind. Again.

"Por qué me escupes en la cara?!" She staggered a few steps, then sunk to her knees, sobbing freely now, "Que más remedio compañera que por ser morena y gitana?!" She dipped her head, feeling a warm rivulet of tears trickling down her face, and managed to work her hands enough to begin untying the heavy scarves from her waist, listening as the coins jingled.

"Desde Isabela La Católica," she howled, "Desde Hitler hasta Franco!" Nadhezda did not know where this anger came from. This anger and sadness at being left behind that ate at her like an infection, festering and boiling beneath her skin. She punctuated each scream by dropping a heavy scarf into a pile beside her,

"Fueron. Víctimas. De sus. Guerras. Toitos. Los gitanos!" She began ripping off her necklaces and bangles, throwing them into the sand.

"Algunas noches--!" Her voice caught, then escalated into a wail, "Algunas noches--!" She swallowed, letting a few sobs escape, pounding the dust with her clenched fist.

"Como otras noches--!" With resolve, she forced herself to stand and face the town, pulling off her earrings,

"ME MUERO DE ENVIDIA VIENDO COMO ACARICIAS A TU PERRO!!" She threw the earrings with all her might, then wobbled, voice dying down, "Por qué me escupes en la cara?" Nadhezda collapsed, curling into a ball on the warm sand.

"Que más remedio compañera," she heard herself whisper, voice faltering, "que por ser morena y gitana?" She allowed herself to lay there for a while, giving herself time to recover from the discovery. Then she sat up, looking down at herself. All she had left was her long skirt and loose shirt, having thrown all her belongings to be swallowed up by the desert sand. She rubbed her eyes, wiping away the last of her tears, and stood. Time to start walking.

Author's Note:
Si, es en español. Anyways, here is the song she is screaming, for it is a song:

El Pájaro Negro, by La Caíta
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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