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Exotic [Phnom Penh/Public]

Post  DIDNEY WORL on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:36 pm

Her hands twisted like vines in the air.

This wasn't her music.

She shifted her weight to one foot as the other folded up to rest on her knee. She heard the chains following behind.

This wasn't her home.

Some of the crowd looked mystified like she was some sort of animal they weren't sure was safe around them. Jeers came from others, she could barely ignore them.

These weren't her people.

But Chankrisna supposed she was better off than most, although she was deemed as less human than most. The woman was brought to the carnival, this inhumane exhibition, with no more worth than a painted box might have. At least she was treated as delicately as one. She'd seen others like her thrown in their cages at night and dragged out kicking and screaming in the morning.

And at least she could practice her customs... however marred, and however awfully appreciated.

"Pearl of Asia" sure sounded exotic to people who couldnt even find the continent on a map.

(shorrtttt i had to get off the comp and switch to my phone XD))
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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