Pauper to a princess [Gagauzia/open]

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Pauper to a princess [Gagauzia/open] Empty Pauper to a princess [Gagauzia/open]

Post  DIDNEY WORL on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:32 pm

((Here's your description, plum XDD))

It wasn't easy, turning a disseveled animal hoarder into a princess nearly every day-- nor did she really like it-- but it was necessary to go along with her act. No one came to see a woman buried in her overalls sing. They came for a sultry temptress (she snorted when she thought of herself like that. It was incredulous) To steal their hearts with her voice (another snort).

Not that she was ugly, no, she was just usually plain. The only thing that was easy was fixing her hair. She would just let it out of the braids and let the waves fall where they may.

The rest... Was an ordeal. Especially under the dull lamps of the dressing room. First light makeup, followed by Blush, followed by mascara, and a dark lipstick. It was a miracle she even learned how to do it all in the first place. It was too much work to be a woman. Which was why she usually just toned it down outside of shows.

But tonight she had to pull out all the stops-- including her show dress. It was the only thing of value she really owned, and even then it was given to her by the carnival. It was made out of soft golden silk, and covered in rectangular sequins whose colors formed a flower pattern over the dress of deep reds and golds. Coupled with a pair of shiny (but reasonably beat up) gold leather heels, she was done. Finally. Breathing a sigh of relief, she stepped out into the morning sun, glad do be out of that dark room.

As soon as she felt accomplishment, she was almost knocked back as her great Dane threw himself onto her shoulders and licked the makeup from one side of her face. As soon as he deposited his affection, he ran off to see whatever anyone else was doing.

Güzäl wiped the mess from her cheek. "Shiiiittttttttt..." It was too late to re-do it all. So much for becoming a princess.
You're circus folks now
You're circus folks now

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